HBO’s ‘Succession’ Is the Perfect Guide to Getting Everything You Want in Life (Including Free HBO)

Succession, the caustic HBO family drama that follows a multigenerational media empire, is back for its fourth and final season. The Roys are everything you wish your family was (rich, successful, powerful) and everything you’re glad it isn’t (conniving, bitter, mean). Logan Roy (Brian Cox) is the intimidating patriarch of the family, who is vying for control of the family business against his own four adult children.

There’s Kendall (Jeremy Strong), the business-minded but troubled son; Shiv (Sarah Snook), the reluctant bride who left the cesspool of politics in the hopes of taking over her family’s company; Roman (Kieran Culkin), the hyperactive, slimy loose cannon who occasionally has a good idea; and Connor (Alan Ruck), a conspiracy theorist with an eye on the White House who lives with his sex worker-turned-partner in a desert compound. Complicating matters are Tom Wamsgans (Matthew Macfadyen), Shiv’s corn-fed husband who is now in cahoots with Logan; Greg (Nicholas Braun), an awkward and gullible cousin trying to keep his big, awkward foot in the door; and Kerry (Zoe Winters), Logan’s young, ruthless assistant and rumored lover.

Though each character is deliciously different and completely corrupt in their own way, they all share one common denominator: they want to win the game of capitalism and they will stop at nothing until they do. We imagined how each of these devious people would advise you on getting everything you want in life. Read their tricks of the trade below.

Cover Photo: HBO


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