Filthy Jacks: 10 Adult-Rated Pumpkin Carvings That Will Get Your Gourd

Pumpkin carving is a time-honored tradition for Halloween lovers of all ages. But as you get older, the thought of creating yet another PG grinning gourd might bore you. You might want to broaden your horizons with a new design – or better yet, come up with something that will shock the whole neighborhood when you light it up on Oct. 31.

That’s what X-rated jack o’ lanterns are for. Any position in the kama sutra is prime pumpkin-carving material. Don’t have a copy of the go-to guide for creative fucking or lack experience in the sack? No problem. Some perv invented a “Pornkins” kit with 10 designs that will take you step-by-step from innocent orange orb to something truly jaw-dropping.

To get you inspired (or just hot and bothered), we’ve rounded up 10 adult-rated pumpkin carvings. Do not peruse these at work!


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