Company-wide, from our offices to our artists, we all #RockForMyanmar

On the back of the success along with the positive support we’ve received from Australia, our homegrown initiative “Rock the Vax” has spearheaded us into the social public sector.

Because of this, Golden Robot Global Entertainment has decided to proactively seek out other endearing societal initiatives that we hold close to our hearts.

Being an international company and having multiple staff members with deep rooted family connections to Southeast Asia, it really was a no-brainer for our team to create and launch our Rock For Myanmar Initiative.

Since February 2021 (due to a military coup), with the removal and imprisonment of elected government officials, the nation of Myanmar has been in turmoil.

Our goal with this initiative is to simply raise more public awareness in the west (US/UK/AU), starting here at home in Australia to help highlight the atrocities that are taking place on a daily basis. Many innocent men, women and children have been displaced, orphaned, imprisoned and countless lives have been lost.

With current Golden Robot employees having parents and relatives from Myanmar, and our head of production currently working with multiple high profile Burmese professional athletes on various media projects, we personally feel that it’s a cause that needs more reporting and quite honestly has been under reported by major media outlets.

Our intentions are clear, we will be raising awareness not from a political stance, but from a human stance. Company-wide, from our offices to our artists, We all #RockForMyanmar.

Listen below:

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