THE NOW release new single ‘Pleased’

“A full 3 minutes of thumping drums and piercing guitars that serve to intensify lyrics that paint an almost eyewitness account of what happens on the night of a gig…”

Review by Callum Vickers

Off the back of their recent signing to Golden Robot Records, THE NOW, bring us ‘Pleased’ the bands very first single to be released through the label. 

THE NOW are a four-piece band that consists of Shane Callaghan (rhythm guitar & lead vocals), Will Scott (drums), Callum Bromage (guitar) and Jay Evans (bass guitar). Despite having only officially been a band since 2018, THE NOW have already left their mark on Wales’ local scene with their rambunctious stage presence and lingering lyrics that grip your attention for days to come. 

Although THE NOW came to be in 2018, the lads had been jamming together for 2 years prior after meeting each other at a local jam night, it was through this time that they found the connection that every good band needs. In their own word’s the band describe the moment they knew that they were meant to create music together as that feeling when “You just know when you click with someone, it’s often at a completely random time or place, but you just know when someone understands your playing and your music, even if you might not know each other that well.”

Determined to stand alone with a unique sound, the band take inspiration from an eclectic assortment of music and musicians, including Chuck Berry, The Police, Kasabian and Catfish and The Bottlemen, while their vocal inspirations take note from Kelly Jones and Ryan “Van” McCann, to name just a few. THE NOW have made it their mission to make sure their music reaches as many ears as possible. 

In the next step on the way to achieving their goal, the lads from THE NOW have released their new indie rock single ‘Pleased’, a full 3 minutes of thumping drums and piercing guitars that serve to intensify lyrics that paint an almost eyewitness account of what happens on the night of a gig … and how no father would be ‘pleased’ to see what takes place. ‘Pleased’ is the first song that THE NOW ever recorded together way back in 2018.

THE NOW’s single ‘Dr Jones’ kicked off their rise to success, with the single garnering support from BBC Radio 2 – The Rock show “Johnnie Walker” and Planet Rock, with Wyatt featuring the track on his show “The New Rock Show”. Not long after the release of their subsequent tune ‘Friendly Fire’, they were contacted by BBC Wales presenter Adam Walton, who aired the single on the station.

When asked what the future holds for THE NOW, the band had this to say; ‘Who knows what the future may hold for us. We know what we want, and ambitious of a plan as it may be, we don’t plan on slowing down or stopping until our end goal is achieved.’ 

If ‘Pleased’ is any indicator of what we can expect from THE NOW in times to come, it seems the lads are keen on staying true to their word. 

You can stream ‘Pleased’ now on all major platforms.

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