The Rock ‘N’ Roll Coffee Show – Mike Cross (MC Roads, Sponge)

At GRD we are big fans on The Rock ‘N’ Roll Coffee Show podcast. Episode 73 features Mike Cross from MC Roads, currently signed to Golden Robot Records.

“What a pleasure it was to have this conversation with Mike Cross! Mike is a founding member/ex-guitar player of the rock band Sponge and now is fronting and playing guitar in his great new band MC Roads. MC Roads has their debut 5 song E.P. out now on Golden Robot Records and it is killer! A collection of 5 bluesy, rock, classic sounding songs that will leave you wanting more! Mike and I sit down to discuss MC Roads, forming Sponge, his decision to leave Sponge, the songwriting process, guitar tone, future touring plans and so much more.” – The R’N’R Coffee Show

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