REVIEW – Spellling ‘The Turning Wheel’

“This record is worth all the hype”

Review by Jagger Alexander-Erber

📷 © Simrah Farrukh

Admittedly, I only heard of the artist Spellling a few months ago, when Anthony Fantano historically added her latest album to the official 10/10 club. Which, for those of you who know… that is a huge deal. After having it on repeat for the past few months, this record is worth all the hype, and deserving of all the critical acclaim it’s earning. 

This album compared to her last two is easier to digest and went for a safer route. But yet, this album never lacks any form of creativity and compelling songwriting that made her the artist she is in the first place. The instrumentals alone on this record are beautifully constructed. Everything is composed with such inner detail that brings out a theatrical like tendency, like you’d receive from a Disney film. It radiates with wonder and beauty. But her vocals smoothed naturally over the top of every song elevates the record into something else. The mixing on this album is also on another level, considering most of the recordings of the instrumentals were done live, you can still hear everything very clearly. The track ‘Boys At School’ sends chills down my spine, with its transcendent bridge melodies matched with its flooring instrumentation and lyrical themes, paired with its thumping bass synth; creates one of the most likeable songs I’ve ever heard. 

This album is echoey, resounding, gorgeous, whimsical, and haunting. It will stick with you forever. It is one of the best Art-Pop records I’ve ever listened to, and absolutely entitled to being an official 10/10 record.

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