VELVET STARLINGS release new single ‘She Said (She Said)’

“Infusing garage rock ‘n’ roll with an iconic 60’s sound”

Review by Callum Vickers

Off the back of their last two singles and in the run up to the release of their new album ‘Technicolor Shakedown’ (out 29th September on Golden Robot Records), LA based garage rock ‘n’ rollers Velvet Starlings are back with their 3rd single ‘She Said (She Said)’, a masterpiece that harks back to a truly golden era. 

Infusing garage rock ‘n’ roll with an iconic 60’s sound, Velvet starlings are a family and friends quartet that hail from Los Angeles and the beach cities of sunny southern California, their rambunctious and raucous sound has led to them becoming a staple in the blossoming neo psychedelic garage rock scene of the west coast, with several tours under their belts, both internationally and across the states. 

The band was founded by multi-faceted lead singer, guitarist and organ player Christian Gisborne who, aside from his musical talent is revered for his dynamic live stage performance, concert attendance and above all, his mind-blowing Lego collection. Brothers Foster Polling (Drums) and Hudson Polling (Bass), with the recent addition of long-time school friend Ashton Minnich (Second Guitar) comprise the rest of the band. 

‘She Said (She Said)’ opens with a signature Doors style organ riff that takes a swift left turn into fast and frenzied “beach fuzz” garage punk territory. The track tells a youth inspiring tale of instant attraction accompanied with the excitement and euphoria that comes with “cutting a rug” on the dancefloor of a sweaty California house party, until the sun rises over the idyllic SoCal coast. 

The track comes alongside a masterfully animated, Lego-themed music video that showcases Chris’ fascination with Lego and is the perfect accompaniment to highlight the youthful spirit that Velvet Starlings encapsulate so well.

Velvet starlings’ up-coming album ‘Technicolour Shakedown’ is the follow-up to 2019’s EP ‘Love Everything. Love Everyone’ which garnered support from BBC Radio, Shepard Fairey and The Kinks’ Dave Davies. When speaking about the new album Chris Gisborne says “I think a rock ‘n’ roll renaissance is coming after this crazy year of lock down. We’re hoping that a full front-to-back of ‘Technicolour Shakedown’ will evoke the feeling you get at a rock ‘n’ roll house party – wherever the listener may find themself.”

With She said already surpassing 15,000 plays and 20,000 views on Spotify and YouTube respectively, we can’t wait to see what Velvet Starlings bring with ‘Technicolour Shakedown. – out 29th September.

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