After crushing the metal world with their recent single ‘I Don’t Wanna Be Your God’, LAST TEMPTATION are back with another new metal anthem ‘Ashes and Fire’, which is accompanied by a sizzling video clip, is out now via Crusader Records.
Watch ‘Ashes and Fire’ HERE
‘Ashes and Fire’ is about people who want to be the centre of the universe, no matter what it takes. People who feel the need to attract views to flatter their egos. No price is too big for these people. Killing people, killing the Earth, and everything that goes along with it, as long as they get attention. ‘Ashes and Fire’ is chunky and groove laden, with a melodic, catchy chorus. It really reflects the evolution of the band as a whole. LAST TEMPTATION keep it heavy with some stunning meaty riffs, brilliant guitar licks and soaring vocals whilst retaining the melody. Crank this track loudly whilst cruising the highway! LAST TEMPTATION are set to light up the metal world.

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