MC ROADS release new single “STONED IN LOVE”

Hailing from Detroit Michigan, Mike Cross is the original founding guitarist for American rock act SPONGE. Now, Cross is the lead vocalist and guitarist for his new band MC Roads, who recently signed to Golden Robot Records. The band offers up a powerful blend of melodic, guitar-driven music and classic style songs.

MC Roads have today released their new single ‘Stoned In Love’, ahead of the release of their EP No Nostalgia (out on the 10th of September). “She’s heading down from the valley. He’s on his way to Nevada.” ‘Stoned In Love’ is a fast-moving love story that takes a deadly wrong turn!  

MC Roads recently dropped 2 singles ‘Call It What You Want’ and ‘Smile Like A Knife’, as a build-up leading into No Nostalgia’s release, with ‘Stoned In Love’ bringing further ammunition ahead of the EP release. 

Originally recorded on 2-inch master tape, MC Roads’ debut effort No Nostalgia on Golden Robot Records is a collection of classic style songs with a modern twist.  

With colourful lyrics and intense guitar-driven arrangements, these five songs weave a story that may at times feel a bit nostalgic, but then again, not.  

For the listener, what is laid out here is the heart and soul of its author. To be continued.

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