CAVALCADE release new single ‘Feels Like Home’

Punchy riffs and balls to the wall stage energy.

Cavalcade are a four-piece rock and roll outfit hailing from the furthest reaches of East London that are currently taking the scene by storm with their punchy riffs and balls to the wall stage energy. The band’s most recent release ‘Feels Like Home’ embodies the true sound of what it means to be young, wild and free. 

The inception of the band came about in 2017 when Connor Duggan (lead vocals/guitar), Jack Campbell (lead guitar/backing vocals), Tom Nunn (bass) and Steve Norris (drums)

Came together to record a single track intended as nothing more than a memento of their friendship. In an interview with Vent in October 2019 Jack describes the motive as wanting “something that we could put onto a CD and hold onto forever”.

Since then, the lads have taken their wonderfully raucous interpretation of indie rock and roll from local London pubs to the Isle of Wight festival and to a variety of sold-out venues across the UK. Not to mention landing gigs in the likes of Spain and Gibraltar, proving that they have landed on a truly international sound.

Listen to ‘Feels Like Home’
by Cavalcade

Having just signed to Golden Robot Records in recent months, ‘Feels Like Home’ Is the band’s first single to be released on the label, and it is nothing short of a showstopper. The track, which tells a tale of longing for the comfort that nightlife brings; comes to life with a few solitary chords that out of nowhere explode into a full-bodied display of passionate song writing. 

Inspired by William Gibson’s 1984 cyberpunk novel ‘Neuromancer’, the lads liken their desire to escape from reality to that of the novel’s protagonist Case, a former ‘console cowboy’ who after a job-gone-wrong is cut off from ‘the matrix’, his only escape from a world of despair. 

Just as Case’s escape takes form in the matrix ‘Feels Like Home’ speaks to those who’s escape lies in the night-time, and after a period where we feel as though we haven’t been able to return home to our nocturnal existence, this song is a remedy to that. It provides the soundtrack to the weekend, to the moments chasing the sunrise with the ones we love.

The band have expressed on their social media channels that ‘Feels like Home’ is only the beginning in a set of tunes that are the “best and most honest” they’ve written. If their future releases live up to the bar set by ‘Feels Like Home’ then these lads can expect a very bright future.

You can catch Cavalcade Performing in Preston and Sheffield over the next couple of weeks, courtesy of This Feeling.

Tickets on sale now:



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