The Mandatory 420 Guide to Living the Golden Life in the Greenest Weed Way in 2022

Happy 420, fellow cannabis lovers! Today is our favorite of non-government recognized holidays, the Valentine’s Day for the green thumbs (because your icky weed is just that sticky). Only on 4/20, your one true love is weed, you get to be alone and chocolate is an absolute necessity to survive it. April 20 is the one day of the year when we can celebrate being alive during the end of the war on weed, which means we have to tell you our favorite cannabis products from flower and prerolls to gummies and tonics.

My Dog Ate Weed, What Should I Do Now?

As we near the day when cannabis is federally legalized — just waiting for all those old, white prudes to die — we continue to do our favorite dazed and confused dance when nobody is looking. But maybe this time next year, we can do the dance together in public, maskless (hell, shirtless) and toast our joints with joy. OK, that’s assuming the nipple is acceptable by then, too.


To celebrate, we’re bringing you our Mandatory 420 Guide to living that golden weed life, which is just a fancy way of saying check out our favorites, sure to perk you up or put you down during the strangest of days. Because there is no better excuse for fingerpainting with your tongue, watching TV upside down and eating multiple bags of Skinny Pop than this day right here. High on weed. Loving life enough to call people you haven’t talked to in years to tell them you love them.

Not weird at all, we can’t figure out what’s taking so long to legalize this stuff.

You can thank us later (if you can remember that far ahead).

Merriest of marijuana days to all, and to all a good high.

Cover: Anna Efetova (Getty Images)


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